5 Quotes About Letting Go

Being unable to let go is a life anxiety. It's our inability to see the future that entirely encapsulates our need to hold on to something that is no good for us. Perhaps many of us consciously decided that something bad is bearable because the other alternative, at it's worst is loneliness or failure. 

This is the paradoxical trap of being an optimistic, pessimist whereby you're scared to change anything because you assume the worst in the future, but still feel heartache for aspirations that could be achieved. 

Life is not static. To unhappily stand still amongst the chaos may be categorised as act of omission but as all we all know, omission is still a choice despite any decision not actively being made on your behalf.    

For anyone who has actively chosen to let go of something/someone who is important to them, I admire your bravery! I feel we often airbrush how difficult that decision can be, so here I have compiled 5 quotes to help you keep on going against all the adversity.  


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