Stuck In The Mud (Adult Edition) + Sarah's Rainy Day Guide

Before I start, I should probably mention that I've moved sites! Basically; mum, if you are reading this, you would have noticed that my blog has changed - thanks for being my first subscriber ... again. (On the subject of subscribing, why don you? 😉)

So what have I been up to? well, I’ve gone caravanning! 

First Stop, Suffolk! 

It started out well! We managed the traffic ridden, 6 hour drive from Portsmouth and we were drearily greeted with the delightful rain! Then, the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. 

We ended up playing a classic game of stuck in the mud, albeit a slightly more adult version where we actually managed to get the caravan stuck in the mud!  It took about 3 hours, 15 people, a 4X4, a tractor and a crank to get us out! (meanwhile Rossi the Beagle sat and played with a piece of bark like the princess he is!) We thought that this was the end of it until it became apparent that we weren’t the only players in this high risk game! As it turns out, the entire campsite was having the same problem. However, with a bit of team work and a perfectly devised (and practised) strategy, we managed to finally end the first round! Yes that's right - First round (meaning there was more to come) Little did we know that the entire campsite would need to be towed in and out for 3 entire days!

After realising that the grass pitches weren't usable, and there were no hard standing pitches left, we set up camp on the road! It wasn't until we were enjoying a well deserved cup of tea (and a nap for Rossi the Beagle after all of his hard work!) when the heavens well and truly decided to open, and are still yet to close. Obviously, this puts a limit on all of the exploring (and Beagle walking) that we wanted to do. 

I have to admit, I have found myself bored! After trying to find different ways to occupy my time, I've decded that I might as well document them just in case any of you find yourself in this situation too! So here goes ... 

Sarah's Rainy Day Guide - Camping Edition!

  1. Read a book! - I'm currently reading 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time' and it's very entertaining!
  2. For those of you that aren't readers, can I suggest a board game? - Risk, Battleships and Guess Who have been very popular options in our caravan!
  3. If you pre-empted this rainy situation, you would have been smart enough to pack a portable DVD player with endless episodes of Top Gear! - If you didn't, then this doesn't apply to you.
  4. With the excessive amount of mud, why not go all out and organise a mud run? (You'll get everything within touching distance messy!)  
  5. Perhaps you can fill your time with eating lots of food? - This definitely cures boredom! (if you apply the logic that I like to call - Sarah-Science)
  6. If your campsite has a cheesy entertainment pub, they probably have bingo! Why not get your dibber-dabber bingo things out! (I know you all secretly love it!)
  7. Staring at the window and placing bets on which raindrop is going to win is pretty fun! - Seriously, Ladbrokes need to get their hands on this idea!
  8. When in doubt - Drink! 
All jokes aside, I am having a lovely time relaxing with my family! That what's important right?

Next Stop, Skegness ...

(I Will let you know how that goes when we get there tomorrow!)

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  1. An amusing read, & I concur with Sarah-science.
    So Suffolk was muddy & bingoy, how was Skegness


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