A Crick In My Neck Made Me Question The Entire Universe

This week I have found myself with a bit of a crick in my neck. Now I know this may appear to be some menial, uninteresting revelation so let me explain how it created a blog tittle as dramatic as that. 

Recently I ventured down to my local pub for a psychic reading. Yes that's right - A psychic reading. I held my scepticism on this subject but decided to go anyway because at the very least it would be entertaining. 

To expand on 'scepticism', I will give a brief description of how I thought a psychic reading works:

*Psychic addresses a crowd of people

Psychic asks: "Is anyone here named Bob?"
Chances are: There is someone there called Bob 

Psychic says: "There is and old man here trying to reach out"  

Chances are: Someone there has known an old man that has passed away

I thought is was all a game of psychology, albeit an admirable depiction of human intuition through reactions and body language. I figured that the majority of people who attend these readings are there for a specific reason. Usually something along the lines of wanting to know something about their future or seeking reassurance and closure. In my head, I just assumed that this kind of underlying reason makes it easy to attach yourself to such vague statements. Statement that inadvertently turn into questions, to which are answered with your reaction and body language.   

I know it may seem harsh to articulate something that is often felt as an emotionally spiritual experience, in such an psychologically analytical way. I suppose it comes from my seemingly natural desire to explain things with facts and reason as opposed to something that I personally cannot understand. To arrive at such questions, thus creates more - each new one asking for an even deeper analysis of the universe. 

My reasoning of the the universe hitherto has resulted in my acceptance of Agnosticism. The urban dictionary (which, as we all know holds the most accurate definition) defines Agnosticism as "A person who is sensible enough to admit that they have no fucking clue what is going on in the universe". With many late night/early morning explorations, this is always the conclusion that I arrive at (if this can even be considered a conclusion). Despite many posed questions and encouraging offers made by the universe to question this 
(such as a crick in my neck), I always arrive at this notion. 

So before I lose you to my existential crisis, I will actually explain what the whole 'crick in my neck' malarky is about. Basically, throughout my entire reading, the psychic kept talking about a crick in my neck. She asked me a few separate and seemingly random times if I had one. Due to my apprehensive quizzing about the accuracy of this whole ordeal, I felt a little smug when saying no (I felt a little cocky in my poker face if i'm honest).

The topic of conversation went a little further then just my neck. There were many other predictions about my life made, all of which I am a little hesitant to disclose out of fear of indirectly cursing myself or something (because apparently I can't separate it from the bad luck you supposably receive when you share a birthday wish). The point is, I would have thought nothing of it and for a while afterwards I didn't however, waking up with a crick in my neck has forced me to somewhat approach the validity of her other predictions and in turn, has made me question the entire universe - more specifically, my existence in the the universe.

Ultimately, This has made me question whether the purpose of life is something that we are born with and discover, or if our purpose is something that we attach ourselves to. The latter of these leads me to the terrifying philosophical argument of Nihilism (the belief that life is meaningless), and the former answer to a predestined life that feels equally as uncomfortable to me. So what do you do when you are presented with a question that has no certain and probably terrifying answer? don't answer the question at all - And this is how I always end up with a non-conclusive conclusion.

In the spirit of attempted to conclude however, I will leave an interesting idea below 

Agnostic Existentialism - This is a type of existentialism (the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of their will) which makes no claim to know whether there is a 'greater picture'; rather, it simply asserts that the greatest truth is that which the individual choses to act upon.

Basically - There is no proof of anything so stop worrying about it and live your best life.

With that being said, I feel the only thing I should comment on now is the annoyance of not being able to turn my head to the right.

I would love to know your opinion on this subject! have you ever had a psychic reading? let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Trying to articulate the deepest pit of my brain is no easy task so I hope I haven't lost you during this post. If I did, don't worry. The next post will be a little less 'question-my-existence-like'. 

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  1. Very philosophical & thought provoking


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