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I have a confession to make ... I am a little bit obsessed with Bitmojis! Yes, I am that friend that will constantly send you Bitmojis because frankly, I find them kinda hilarious!

I was browsing through all of the stickers (as I often find myself doing) and I found myself laughing at how accurately some of them sum me up, so I have decided that I am going to share them with you in the hopes that you can get to know me a bit better.

I have given myself the limit of choosing only 10 stickers because otherwise I would end up using every single one that brought a little smile to my face (which is quite a lot of stickers seeing as I blimmin' love 'em). You will also find a little paragraph next to each one to explain why I chose them.

(I would love to see which Bitmoji stickers you like! Feel free to send me your favourite or better yet, why not create your own Bitmoji tour!) 


  • I spend a large portion of my time reading! (With a cup of tea in my hand as shown). Currently however, I have had to put myself on a book buying ban as I have this terrible habit of  buying books faster then it is humanly possible to read them. I've promised myself that I will catch up on my To-read list before embarking on any more book buying adventures.

  • I write all the time! - In fact people have actually referred to my journal as my big book of secrets because I write in it all the time! There's no secrets in there though ... Only every single thing I have ever thought about absolutely any and everything! LOL 

  •  I love Avocados! Someone once told that if I eat anymore, I will turn into one. At first I laughed but then I came to the horrible realisation that if I did, I would probably eat myself. There's a philosophical question for you - If you tuned into your favourite food, would you eat yourself? (#deep)

  • I absolutely love dogs! I currently have a beagle called Rossi. He's an old man but still as cute and as energetic as hell! (slightly mischievous though)

  •  If you ever find me missing for a day or two, I'm probably just in the bath. My baths are known for being notoriously long and I often find myself having to turn the hot tap back on because the water has gone cold. I end up looking like a shrimp but it's where I do all my best thinking.

  • I don't want to live up to the typical British stereotype but ... I LOVE TEA! Recently however, I have realised just how much tea I drink and more importantly, how much sugar I am consuming as a result  (5xTea per day X 2xSugars per Tea = 10 Spoonful of sugars per day!). I have tried cutting the sugar out but it's just not the same! After this realisation, I tried multiple times to implement a tea ban but I just can't seem to do it! *I'm open for suggestions on this subject* (HELP)   

  • This singular question has been the reason for many, many late nights. If you read my last post you might not need reminding of my seemingly endless stream of questions about my existence. Basically what I am trying to say is that I love psychology and philosophy.

  • Music is alright I guess. I'm just pulling your leg. I LOVE MUSIC. That's why I chose to study it! I feel this sticker pretty much sums up how I spend most days (especially the ones spent in the bath).

  • This sticker may seem a bit odd being placed after the previous one as there is a certain extroversion often associated with performers. Don't get me wrong I can be very loud and confident but it's usually when you get know me better. I am actually incredibly introverted. When people first meet me they always comment on how shy and reserved I am. I'm a slow burner - I do warm up to people, it just takes some time. 

  • Following on from my last point - For those of you who are patient enough to get past my reserved nature, this is how I shall treat you. *Congrats you win* - Your prize is the undivided attention of an introvert! Take your trophy! 

You have reached the end of my Bitmoji tour. To view other attractions on this site, take a gander to the recent posts on your right. Alternatively, you can click home and have a browse.

Thank you for reading this weeks post! I look forward to seeing some of your favourite Bitmojis! (Share your Bitmoji tours on whatever platform you prefer - Leave a link below and I will have a read!)

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  1. A great blog, which has inspired me to do my own bitmoji tour


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