The Benefits Of Bouldering + My First Experience

Did you notice how, in the last post, I gave no indication of when the next one is going to be? Well, it's that time of the year again when deadlines suddenly creep up on us. With the work I have for uni, I initially felt that it's kind of important not to give myself, shall we say more deadlines. However, I have made a mental note to post every sunday ( I guess writing that has now made it an actual note) Let's see how this goes :)
This weekend my brother came to visit me in London and he ended up introducing me to Bouldering. If you're unsure what bouldering is, it is very similar to rock climbing. The difference being that the climbing routes are more complex over a shorter distance, which means that you don't need to use a rope or harness. My brother has been doing it for a while now and I thought it sounded like fun so we decided to go. 

I was all chalked up, had my climbing shoes on and decided to just start climbing without any forethought. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I was half way up that I realised just how terrified I was. I found myself in a position where I was too scared to move either up or down so I just kind of stood hugging the wall for a while. After a few attempts (a few meaning a lot), I finally managed to find my route to the top. After I got over the initial shock and fear, I realised that it was actually insanely fun!!

After doing lots of research into bouldering, I came across many different reasons as to why it is super good for you. If any of you have never heard of it before, are thinking of giving it a go or are just simply interested in it, I have complied all my findings into a list of the benefits of bouldering. 

The Benefits Of Bouldering 

1. It works out your entire body! Not only does it work out your arms but you legs and abs too. 

2. It's a work out for your brain! Bouldering encourages you to plan your route and adapt your body to your surroundings.

3. It's great for adrenaline. One of the most adrenaline inducing aspects of bouldering is not having a harness. Granted, the walls aren't as tall as rock climbing courses, but it is still exhilarating none-the-less. 

4. It builds your confidence. It is a great sense of accomplishment when you over come something that scares you and something that you have struggled with.

5. Beginners and experts can climb together. There is a grading scale, that typically uses colours for how difficult each problem is. These are all intertwined on the walls so that everyone can boulder together.

6. It is super fun! It makes working out enjoyable.

If any of you have anything else you would like to add to this list, please comment! Also don't forget to like and share. 

P.S. If you want more information on how to start, this video might be of help   >>> 

P.S.S. Expect a video of me attempting a climb in my March video!

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